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Coolest Snowman Brithday Cake

I enjoy baking and I received a snowman pan for my last birthday, my granddaughter told me she wanted a snowman this year. I try to make the children, and family cakes for their birthday. I used a Pillsbury cake mix plus 2 1/2 cups of mix so it would be a good thickness. I used buttercream icing to cover it. I built up the nose and cheeks to add more face dimension, and also the same on the arms. I added mittens to his arms, which the cake pan did not show, on the scarf I added the fringe.

The tips I used was #16 for the body and hat, tip #21 for leaves, tip #4 for eyes, button, and nose. Colors were: white for the body, black stars for the hat, red stars for hat trim and the scarf, green for the leaves and red for the berries and orange for the nose.

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