Coolest Spaghetti Cake

I was asked to do a spaghetti cake for a one year old’s birthday and wasn’t quite sure how to do it, so I looked at a few on Google and thought it might be a bit challenging, but it was easier than it looked. The tough part was figuring out what to use for the meatballs!

I decided to make this cake from one large sheet cake cut down on the sides so it would be less square and look more like a mound. I did not fill the cake like I usually do because there was a ton of icing on the top. I covered the entire cake with piped icing and topped it off with Ferrero Rocher’s for the meatballs, some strawberry jam and food colouring for the sauce, and grated white chocolate for the cheese.

It turned out so well it was hard to tell even close up that it wasn’t spaghetti. I will definitely be recreating this cake again.

1 thought on “Coolest Spaghetti Cake”

  1. The pictures do not do it justice. This cake
    was amazing. It was hard not to think that we
    were eating Spag/Meatballs. It was so real.


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