Coolest Special Agent Oso Cake

My son loves to watch the cartoon, Special Agent Oso. When I asked him what cake he wanted for his birthday, he replied “Oso”.

I searched the internet for Oso pictures to use as my model. There’s not a lot out there. I finally found one that I liked. I used that picture to sketch Oso. I cut out my sketch so that I could trace around it on the cake. Oso was slightly bigger than 9×13.

I baked two 9×13 cakes and had a lot of cake left over from the second cake. It would probably have been better to purchase a 12×18 pan. I used the first cake to make everything, but Oso’s legs. The second cake was used for the legs.

After baking and cooling the cakes, freeze them for ease of cutting. Place the sketch on top of the cakes and cut around it. You may have to use the scraps to make the hands. Put a crumb coat on with butter cream frosting. Allow the frosting to crust (about 7 minutes). Then begin to work on the details. I would suggest that you start with Oso’s face as this is the most difficult to get right.

From my sketch, I cut out the eyes, nose and mouth. I placed them on the cake and traced around them using a toothpick. Once I had the outline of the face, I outlined the vest and belly.

After completing the outline, I began frosting. I started with the body using lemon frosting. I used the largest tip that I had. After piping the frosting, I used a knife dipped in hot water to spread the frosting. Next, I did the eyes using butter cream frosting with green food coloring added. The pupils are dark chocolate frosting with black food coloring. I outlined the pupils with a thin strip of dark chocolate frosting.

The nose is dark chocolate frosting. The belly and the main part of the eyes are white frosting. I used red gel frosting to outline the vest. The paw print is green frosting and I added the dots to make it look like a paw. I added a candy cake decoration number 7 since my son was turning 7. I piped black frosting to outline the fingers.

Using the candy letters I added “Happy Birthday. You are Oso Special!”

My son loved his Homemade Special Agent Oso Cake.

Homemade Special Agent Oso Cake

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