Like a lot of little boys out there, my son is obsessed with Spiderman. I baked this Spiderman Birthday Cake for his 3rd birthday. My goal was to bake a cake that didn’t cause all of my guests to experience major sugar rushes like in previous years. So, since Spiderman is red, I decided to use sliced strawberries instead of red icing. I should note that my son’s birthday is in early Spring so strawberries were not in season. In an effort to avoid any blandness in taste, I sprinkled them with a little but of sugar to help bring out some of that beautiful natural flavor.

For the webbing, I used melted Lindt dark chocolate with one of those simple deco pens you can buy at any cookware store. The eyes were covered with homemade vanilla whipped cream (I also used the cream to adhere the strawberries to the cake). It was delicious and nutritious (sort of)!