Coolest Spiderman Cake

All three layers of the Homemade Spiderman Cake are dark-chocolate flavored. When you Google dark chocolate cake, it’s the first cake recipe that comes up so you know you can’t go wrong. The cake is dense enough to stand up to the heavy layers of this cake. I used the Wilton recipe for buttercream icing and covered the cake in store bought fondant. I used cut chopsticks to support each tier, with 4 uncut chopsticks going straight through all three layers.


Mini-Spidey is made of rice crispy treats covered in fondant. Body and face are held together with toothpicks and are also attached to the cake with toothpicks. I used Wilton food coloring markers to draw in his costume details.


The buildings and the thought cloud are made of a fondant/gum paste mix to harden. I used Wilton food coloring markers to write in the birthday greeting.


Webs are made of piped and cooled white chocolate.


The design of the cake was inspired by the many beautiful cakes on this website and others on the internet. The skyline is a common theme with superhero cakes. Because the birthday celebrant was only 5, I didn’t want a serious looking Spider-Man on the cake. I was inspired by a cartoon I found on the internet. I Googled the Spider-Man text and hand cut “Riley” to mimic the font.

I like to design cakes with a lot of “patch-up” components. For example, on the first layer, I had stars and buildings to cover up imperfections in my fondant. On the second layer, I had the letters and ribbon. On the third layer, I had bricks. As a novice cake designer, I’m always trying to cover something up.

The kids were fighting for the chocolate webs, so I suggest making extra and if outdoors, don’t forget to put them on ice. The ones I put on the cake held up well under a tent outdoors. The extra ones I had in my storage container melted into pools of white chocolate.

Homemade  Spiderman Cake

Homemade  Spiderman Cake

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  1. Love your cake! What size pans did you use? And how tall is each layer? I plan on making something similar for my boy’s birthday – he’s going to love it. Thanks for the inspiration!!


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