Coolest Spiderman Cake

This Spiderman cake was for Kade Smith’s 8th birthday. I baked a 11 x 13 sheet cake and another cake using Wilton’s Spiderman cake pan.

I covered the cake boards using Spiderman gift wrap to further enhance the theme. I placed the Spiderman shaped cake on top of the sheet cake, then began filling in the black outlines according to the instructions with the Wilton pan. Red, blue and white icing was placed using a small star tip.

After completing Spiderman, I drew webs on the sheet cake, filling in the blue back ground with the small star tip. I used Wilton’s alphabet cut outs and rolled fondant to make “Happy Birthday, Kade”. Kade is a die-hard Spiderman fan, this being his 6th Spiderman birthday (at least!)

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