Coolest Sponge Bob Cake

This 3-D Sponge Bob cake was made with a sheet cake  cut into four sections then stacked filled and curved. I used a small melon scooper to mimic the holes in Swiss cheese  and then covered in modeling chocolate. Sponge Bob’s pants and shoes were also covered in modeling chocolate.

I used a 3 inch round to form the hamburger and fondant to make the candle and flame, the present is a small cake covered in fondant.  His arms are made with a dowel inserted into the cake and covered in modeling chocolate. Dowels were inserted into the cake to keep him from sliding backwards, making him more secure during transport. His legs are modeling chocolate that was formed and set to dry with plastic wrap under it. Once the chocolate was hardened I removed the wrap.

This was not a difficult cake to make, just make sure you chill it before you start carving.