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Cool Homemade Spongebob and Pineapple House Cake

For my son’s 6th birthday – he loved Spongebob, so with a rectangular pan I made a two layer cake for this Spongebob and Pineapple House Cake. I made several loaf shaped cakes, and stood the rectangular cake up on one end and stacked the cake loaves behind it to make it stand.

The legs I iced twizzlers, and the shoes are actually halved Chick-o-stick candies with frosting. I didn’t do arms – because I felt he didn’t really need them. The snail is just frosted candies, his shell is two frosted peppermint patties, marshmallow eyes held up with toothpicks. The pineapple is an actual pineapple, sliced on the bottom to stand straight.


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