I made this Spongebob cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday. I am not that crazy about Spongebob myself, but since my daughter was having her party at Chuck E Cheeses, and I wouldn’t have to do a whole party in Spongebob theme, I decided I could make the cake!

I baked 2 10″ round devil’s food cakes. They are stacked and iced using blue butter cream.  My daughter helped me mix the icing coloring’s  telling me if she wanted it darker or a different shade. I made Spongebob out of Rice Crispy Treats and Marshmallow Fondant (MMF). His arms and nose are attached to the body with toothpicks. The seaweed, fish, and jellyfish are all MMF. I used a lighter blue butter cream icing to make the border and bubbles. I pained the fish eyes on with black food coloring. I just used store-bought candy letters and number 7 on the top.

Finally, I used a spoon to dig out a hole in the cake and used a lolli pop stick to secure Spongebob in the middle of the hole, making it appear as though he had just popped out of the cake! My daughter loved this cake, although she had requested I make her her own personal small cake, so I made Spongebob’s Pineapple house in a hurry, using leftovers from the main cake. There was an older lady with developmental delays attending another party at Chuck E Cheese that day and she had talked to my sister-in-law about my cake. When I found out how much she liked it, I took her a piece; that seemed to make her day, which made my day as well.