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Coolest Easy Spongebob Square Pants Toy Cake

My sister and I made this Easy Spongebob Square Pants Toy Cake for her nephew’s birthday. This cake is a hit with kids and is so easy to make! All you need is this Spongebob Square Pants toy that is similar to a Mr. Potato Head toy; it is called “Jakks SpongeBob SquarePants Switch ‘Em Up”.

To make the cake you will need to bake two cakes; one in a 9×13 pan for the base cake under Spongebob and the other in a small square pan of any size (just as long as it is larger than the sponge toy provided with the toy set, because you will be replacing the sponge body with an exact sized square yellow frosted mini cake). Bake the cakes (any kind of cake) and cool them in the refrigerator so when you apply the frosting, it will not melt. I normally use a simple, homemade butter cream frosting with just softened butter and powdered sugar made to desired sweetness.

Once the cakes are cool, remove them from the refrigerator and carve the small square cake to approximately the same size as the yellow toy sponge body for Spongebob Square Pants, because you will be replacing the body with cake. Then place this square, sponge-sized cake on top of the large 9×13 base cake and secure to the bottom cake with toothpicks. We decided to prop the Spongebob body cake up a bit with some small pieces of cake (that we took from the cake carving left-overs) so he would not lay flat.

Once Spongebob’s body cake is propped up and secured to the bottom base cake with toothpicks, it is time to frost the cake. We coated the base cake with a plain white butter cream frosting, and decorated it with sugar that we mixed with all-natural green food-coloring (making it look like a seaweed-colored sand) and sprinkled that on top of the white frosted cake and around Spongebob’s body. Then we frosted the square sponge for Spongebob with a butter cream that we added 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of Turmeric powder to so we could achieve an all-natural yellow color. It looks perfect and you can not taste turmeric in the sweet frosting.

Last was the fun part, we took the Spongebob (Mr. Potato Head-like toy) and picked a desired facial expression for Spongebob and poked the eyes, nose, and mouth toy pieces into the square yellow cake to make his face. We then placed his square pants, legs, arms, and Krusty Krab hat toy parts onto his body. There were some other toy pieces like his snail pet friend Gary and a fishing net accessory toy that we placed on the cake for decor.

This cake was so much fun and easy to make, and we got so many complements! My sister’s nephew loved the cake…and loved the Spongebob Square Pants toy that he got to keep and play with!

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  1. Thanks Megan! It was a fun and easy cake to make and the toy Spongebob was a fun birthday party souvenir for the birthday boy!


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