The bottom of this Spongebob Birthday Cake is yellow, the top round one is a 2 layer chocolate with buttercream in between the layers. Spongebob, Patrick and Gary are all made out of rice krispie treats and marshmallow fondant. I decorated the cake with waves, jellyfish, rocks, ocean plants, fish and a reverse shell border.

Spongebob and Patrick are playing in sand which is graham cracker crumbs. I fully iced the bottom cake and then put the round cake together on top, being careful not to get a lot of crumbs on the bottom cake.

The cake was an absolute hit! It was so much fun to make the characters freehand. Our oldest daughter LOVES Spongebob. The things that we will do for our children. This cake was a lot of fun to make. I suggest making the characters ahead of time and storing them securely. That will save you a good bit of time. Enjoy making it and the kids at the party will love it!!