Coolest Spongebob and Patrick Star Cake

This is a 2 layer butter cake with a chocolate filling. I created this cake for a friend’s daughter for her birthday. A Spongebob cake was requested.

I got the idea after viewing this website and some others. The homemade Spongebob and Patrick star cake is covered with tinted blue buttercream frosting and then I tapped the top of the buttercream with a spatula to raise it up to create a wavy look. I also sprinkled a little blue dust on top.

All of the characters and other cake decorations are made out of fondant. I made the fondant decorations a couple of days in advance before I was ready to decorate the cake to allow the fondant some time to dry. Some of the decorations included fish, stars, seaweed and the Spongebob swirls.

I hand cutout the fish and Spongebob swirls and used a cutter to create the stars. I rolled pieces of fondant into thin strips and attached together to make the seaweed. Creating Spongebob and Patrick Star were very time consuming for me but well worth it.

This was my first time creating something like this. Everything is edible.

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