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Cool Homemade Spongebob Scene Birthday Cake

This Spongebob Scene Birthday Cake was a cake I made for a boy’s 10th birthday party. It was supposed to be a simple cake that just snowballed the more I thought about it. The pineapple is made up of two 6″ cakes stacked together with half of a ball on top (I used the Wilton sports ball pan).

I then iced the cake with buttercream and covered it with orange fondant. The lines on the pineapple were made with a ball and veining tool and then painted in with a little bit of brown gel color and lemon extract. The hardest part was all the details.

The Spongebob and Patrick figures are made of fondant and took a few hours to make. Then I made the top of the pineapple, the door, pipe, and portholes adding all the little details to make them look just right.

I finished the cake by making the sign to wish the birthday boy a Happy Birthday, a couple of rocks, and then light brown sugar for the sand.

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