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Coolest Sports Cake

A friend from church asked me to make a cake for her husband’s 60th b-day. She wanted a golf and basketball theme since those are his favorite sports. I had a horrible time finding a way to combine them! I looked for hours online, trying to find some ideas. This is a combination of ideas that I found.

For the cake, I used 2 9×13 pans since she needed a large cake and just butted them up to each other. I covered the whole thing in white butter cream frosting and piped a “rope” border around the bottom edge. The blue doesn’t quite “fit” with the other colors on the cake, but it was his favorite color, so she wanted me to be sure to use it…then I did some math work, figuring out how big my middle rectangle could be to get even squares around the edge.

Once that had been figured out, I used a toothpick to “draw” the lines in the icing. I decided to do every other one with either golf balls with clubs or a basketball and just drew designs on the extra ones. For the gold balls, I just used the original butter cream that the cake was frosted in and used the end of a small dowel rod, dipped in cornstarch to put little “dimples” in the ball. Then I used a writing tip to pipe the clubs on the balls. I used a star tip to put “grass” around the balls. The basketballs looked different originally.

My husband is my cake critic and he thought they didn’t look right. So he drew what he thought they should look like on a piece of paper – his did look better than mine – LOL! So I ended up very carefully scraping the original ones off and redid them. First I piped the lines with a writing tip and then used a star tip to fill in the basketball. Then I used a star tip and put black around the basketballs. I used a rope border around the rectangle also – I needed to get more blue on the cake – LOL! I just used a writing tip for all the random designs in the other squares. He was very pleased with it!

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