I was given 2 photos to create a beautiful and unique graduation cake for 2 people; I wanted almost everything to be editable. The only things that are not editable are the hula girl/guys and palm trees.

I hand made the chocolate shells with a mold and I mixed 3 colors to get that perfect shell look and was easier than expected, than I made the totem graduation guys with chocolate and was completely unhappy so I remade them out of fondant/gum paste and I used sugar dust for details.I worked on al the little details of this cake for about 2 weeks.

I baked the layers, froze them, sliced them, and icing each layer. stacked them while adding more icing for that sandy messy look on the outside.

Putting the pieces together and decorating the cake was a little tricky when I started on the waterfall I didn’t like anything about it so I placed it back in the fridge and thought on it some more than I pulled out a paint brush and sparkling piping gel. I than painted the gel onto the blue icing and It started to flow like a waterfall; next I piped the waves and splashes into and onto the gel. After that I was able to place all the pieces in the right place after moving them around a million times. The banner was made out o black/brown f fondant to give it that driftwood look and I piped the info with a buttercream royal icing mix about 10x until I finally liked it. I ordered the flowers pre-made and they gave the cake the perfect touch.

This cake was enough to feed 100 people and every single bite was gone, not only did it look amazing but it was yummy.