Coolest Star Wars Clone Wars Anakin’s Starfighter Cake

This Star Wars Clone Wars Anakin’s Starfighter Cake I made for a friend’s son. I baked a one-sheet rectangular cake and cut it into the shapes for the ship, in 2 layers. Added a layer of homemade buttercream frosting for the crumb coat. Then proceeded to meticulously layout the grey fondant (I mixed black and white fondant to attain the colour) and yellow fondant designs on the spaceship.

I cut out openings for the cockpits, and used my fingers to hand mold the fondant to cover those areas. The bullets are made from Mikado sticks, sprayed with silver lustre spray (edible), and I sprayed a light layer of Pearl lustre spray over the entire spaceship to add some shimmer. The stars on the white circles are drawn with edible black marker. And the whole cake was placed on a black fondant covered cake board, with a fine coat of pearl spray on top for the space-like effect.

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  1. Thank you for your pic! I need a Star Wars starship cake for my boy and I can steal some the trick you used here. I’m excited to try it out.

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