Coolest Star Wars Lego Death Star Cake

After finding out that no local bakeries made Star Wars Cakes I decided to make my own. My son was so excited and now all his friends and their moms want me to make this cake for them.

To make the homemade Star Wars Lego Death Star cake, use a ball cake pan and prepare a firm cake. It’s important that it’s firm, I used a softer cake at first and it flattened. If using a cake mix reduce the oil amount in directions. I cut a bit off bottom half so cake would sit still on board. Add icing to the middle and then add the top half of ball on top.

The icing is fondant dyed with black. Cover the cake with butter-cream first and then a thin layer of fondant. The circle was done first by pushing in a small section of the cake (or scoop out a bit). Use a circle cookie cutter and cut out fondant. I used different sized circle cutters and a small plastic knife to add the details. Add a few drops of water to the back to make it tacky and stick on the cake ball.

Cut long strips of fondant (different sizes) to get the details around the whole ball. The marks are made with a plastic knife. Add the strips/pieces starting around the middle.

For the Lego blocks – Make regular cakes and cut into 4 squares, layer and make 2 square cakes. Ice each with buttercream icing and then cover with colored fondant. The four “nubs” on top are made by cutting a large marshmallow in half. Cut a circle out of the fondant to cover top of marshmallow. Cut a skinny strip of fondant to go around side of marshmallow. Pinch seam of fondant slightly to make nice edge. Repeat until there is enough nubs for top of Lego brick. Add a few drops of water to bottom of marshmallow to stick on top of brick.

Lego Star Wars characters were stuck to the cakes using toothpicks.

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  1. The characters are from various Star Wars Lego sets. I think its about 6 different sets. Some of the bigger sets have more Lego guys in them.

    The small ships are actually Happy meal toys!


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