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Coolest Strawberry Angel Cake

I was asked to make a cake for a 10 year old girl who loved strawberry. This Homemade Strawberry Angel Cake was for her First Communion. I decided on what I call a Strawberry Angel. I used one medium size floral cake pan and one small cake pan from the matching floral set. I used the small one twice to create the skirt of my dress.

While the strawberry cake cooled, I painted the body of my doll with melted white chocolate. I find that using chocolate will dry quickly and hold it form much better than icing, especially in travel. I also used the white chocolate to decorate the vail and headband and jewelry. Ring and earrings were just a dot of chocolate and one gold sprinkle. A beautiful touch!

I set her aside to dry. (I also used the chocolate to make crosses to add around the base of the cake). Just draw with the piped chocolate on a cookie sheet, decorated with desired sprinkles and let harden. They will pop off the cookie sheet when chilled. Now I can start putting her dress together.

I started with my medium layer which were she will stand. Punched a one inch diameter hole top center where her feet will go. then I punched a two inch diameter hole in the center of the two small layers. I frosted the tops of each layer then spread thin slices of strawberry between each layer. Then frosted her dress.

I decorated the base layer with strawberries and Wala! Strawberry Angel.

Homemade Strawberry Angel Cake

Homemade Strawberry Angel Cake

Homemade Strawberry Angel Cake

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