Coolest Summer Feast BBQ Cake

This Summer Feast BBQ Cake was made for my brother’s birthday. He loves to camp and cook out with his family, and he always gets 4th of July cakes for his July 3rd birthday, so I thought this would be a little different and it was the HIT of the party!!

I used the tips from this website for the hotdogs and burgers, starburst and tootsie rolls in a glass pie pan sprayed with Pam and heated in the microwave for 30 sec to soften only. Then mix with knife or fork until cool enough to roll out by hand. I did them the night before and kept them in the frig over night. The burgers are Rice Krispie Treats, with melted tootsie rolls to cover for the look of meat. Orange starburst for the cheese, done the same as mentioned above.

The 2 ears of corn are Rice krispie treats with yellow starburst covering and piped green icing for the husks. I used the end of a straw to make the individual kernels. I used a sandwich baggie and cut the corner off to pipe the green icing onto the corn. The watermelon is made of Rice Krispie Treats and red starburst with seeds from a tootsie roll, white icing and then green icing. (I put this in the frig between coats of color.)

I wanted to use black licorice for the grill grates, but the 2 stores near by were out so I used rolled up aluminum foil instead.

The burgers and dogs looked so real, my brother took them to play a joke on his buddies. We had a great time making this and eating it too!!

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