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Coolest Undercover Superman Cake

I created this adorable undercover Superman cake for my husband of 11 years for his 38th birthday. He really is a superman to our family and he was so deserving of the cake. I usually let him pick his own cake theme, but this year I wanted it to be a surprise.
This particular design has been done a few times before by many great cake artists. I wanted to make it my own so I actually sculpted the sheet cake with the chest and abb muscles. I also textured the Superman logo like the real costume in the new Superman movies. To get that texture I pressed my sugar sift into the soft fondant. It was the perfect impression.

I used a Wilton baby button mold to make the buttons on the shirt and then painted them with a mixture of vanilla extract and shimmery petal dust. I absolutely loved the final product.

We had planned my husband’s party at the Birmingham Barons’ last game of the season in the private suite boxes. Little did we know that you are not allowed to bring any outside food into the suites…not even cake! They stopped us at the door and told us we couldn’t take the cake in with us. Of course, my heart dropped. My head was racing. I was thinking…I just spent hours creating this amazing cake…we are going to eat this cake even if it is in the lobby of the stadium. Luckily when the lady actually opened the box and saw that cake she decided she would let it go just this once. Boy was I relieved.

It was such a fun party and hopefully the cake let the hubs know just how much we love and adore him. Even the suites beside us ended up with some yummy cake!

Undercover Superman Cake

Texture on Tie

My Superman with his cake