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Cool Homemade Superman Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a Superman birthday cake for a friend’s 30th birthday. As it was a special day I decided to mold the Superman in fondant and then sit him onto a motorized globe! I purchased a low cost solar powered turntable but modified it for battery, only then mounted this all into a cut down plastic bowl covered in fondant. In the base of the cake I mounted a MP 3 player and speaker which payed the Superman Theme Tune – it went down very well !

The cake was made of vanilla Victoria sponge layers with jam and cream in between, then by adding the carefully made Superman logos (cut from molding icing). I slowly built the cake from the bottom up.

The Superman himself was molded in fondant the week before with gum trag to make him really hard, then I added the cloak and face details which looked quite real.

Hope you like it.



Coolest Superman Birthday Cake

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