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Coolest Surfer Dude Cake

My niece had a baby shower, and the theme was Surf’s Up, so I made a “Surfer Dude with Attitude” cake. She wanted a carrot cake, which made it a little more challenging because carrot cake is very moist and ‘flaky’.

I made a ‘Tropical Carrot Cake with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting’ from Epicurious.com web site. I used gelatin to help stiffen the blue cream cheese frosting.

Any gum paste flowers will work. The flowers and leaves I made using the Wilton Fondant Cut and Press sets. The wave is made with a shaped sheet of gum paste laid in a curved Styrofoam form that I made up. The bottom of the wave has a 1″ horizontal leg to lay on the top of the cake which is then covered with the frosting. There is a notch in the bottom middle of the ‘wave’ so the surf board fits back into the wave just enough to hide the rear end.

I made two 11x15x2″ carrot cake sheet cakes, increasing the recipe noted above by about 1/3 for each cake. One was cut and layered to fit behind the wave. Cream cheese frosting probably wouldn’t freeze well, so I made a coconut flavored butter cream to layer up the pieces so I could freeze, and then shape it to fit behind the wave with a serrated knife.

The surf board was made with different colors of gum paste layered and glued together with gum paste glue.

The surfer dude was my take on an idea in the 2012 Wilton Year book called block babies, which uses the 2-1/2″ glove pillar set and a lot of gum paste.

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