Yes, it’s all cake and all totally edible. When I was asked to make a totally bespoke cake for my cousin’s son’s Christening, this idea sprung to mind! Not knowing how this would turn out, I, myself, a totally amateur cake maker and this is just my hobby, was shocked at how totally realistic it looks, you could almost taste it (excuse the pun!).

This cake took over a week to sculpt the face and hands from white modelling chocolate and the paint work was a nightmare. He all started to come to life when his sheets and blankets were added made from royal icing and he totally looked like he would start to breath at any point.

This cake was delivered to the Christening  where I also attended! I’ve never received so many super comments and as of yet I believe this has still not been cut (where would the first slice be?).  I’m just not sure! This is my hobby! And I’ve been making cakes for family and friends for just over a year. I don’t have a business (although that’s my dream). I don’t advertise. I just love doing this in my spare time! And I love to try and make my cakes look as realistic as possible! I’ve done many realistic cakes from Sunday roasts to MacDonald meals but I think the baby one has to be the most lifelike, its almost scary!!!