What do you do for the birthday girl that LOVES penguins and is a cake decorator? Why you have to get her husband who ALSO decorates cakes to make her cake! This was made for me by my hubby last year. I must confess that I did help a little and I coached a LOT.

The penguin birthday cake itself was a chocolate heath crunch cake with chocolate ganache filling. How tall is this little guy? About 12 inches. Yes, he is MUCH smaller than the king and emperor penguins I love so much, but for my birthday, I really couldn’t complain. Besides, with the way I am infatuated with penguins, the last 3 cakes he made me (2 with my son’s help) were penguin themed. What can I say, I’m a lucky girl! The hardest part of this cake? Cutting him of course. I couldn’t watch as I drove the knife into his head. The guests at the house that did, didn’t have the same reservations I did and they quickly cut slabs of cake for themselves (sorry I don’t have those pics) and he was devoured like an orca devours one in the ocean. PS. The feet are rice krispies treats.