Coolest Tank Cake

This was a cake for my nephew who loves anything “Army”. I came up with the idea to make him a Tank cake. The inside is camouflage colors…pretty neat trick!

The bottom tier is a chocolate box cake mix baked in a 9*13 pan. I trimmed the edged to make it a bit more narrow and also to create the wedge shape to the corners. It was really humid or maybe just a moist cake because even after the cake cooled for hours when I tried to “dirty ice” it with chocolate butter cream it would just peel/fall apart. Most of the bottom layer is mushed together. I colored MMF with moss green Wilton gel dye mixed with just a bit of brown.

The top tier is a 5″ round cake white cake mix I turned into a camouflage cake. Just separate the batter into however many bowls you want colors for then add the gel dye to the bowls and mix. Plop the various colors of batter into the pan and do not mix…just plop, plop, plop, bake. It is magical! I cut the edges of the circle away to make a hexagon shape. Once cooled I iced with the same chocolate butter cream.

The whole tank was covered with one piece of the drab green MMF. I pressed it in the edges to make the shape stand out. I used the small end of a piping tip to press into the MMF to make the rivets look. The turret is made of “Rice Krispie” treats smashed around a quarter inch dowel rod and then dirty iced and covered in MMF.

I bought dummy rounds and pressed them into the cake to give it some serious street credit to the birthday boy. The wheels were just MMF rolled out like a worm and grey circles cut out using a small cookie cutter and lined up along the base of the tank. I used the left over MMF and other attempts to get the right green color to make a camo base.

Homemade Tank Cake

Homemade Tank Cake

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