Coolest Target Cake

This Homemade Target Cake was a simple cake to prepare. I made the cake of two boxes of chocolate cake mix and one box of pound cake. I modified the ingredients a bit, I used five eggs between the three boxes and I used ¼ less oil and water than each box of chocolate cake mix asked for. I did this to make the cake a little less moist than usual. You don’t want a super moist cake when using fondant.

For the fondant I used a 16 oz bag of marshmallows that I melted in the microwave with two tablespoons of water. I then greased my kneading surface and hands with 1/3 cup of shortening. I mixed ¾ bag of p. sugar and melted marshmallows, then kneaded on the greased surface. I took about five minutes. I then used food coloring to dye the fondant and began my design. I loved this cake.

Homemade Target Cake

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