A lady at my bank wanted me to make a birthday cake for her 12 yr old son, who was not quite into Legos anymore but not into movies. Naturally, I think video games! Call of Duty is pretty popular, and by chance, I asked if he played Nazi Zombies. She called his older brother and confirmed, and then was jealous because he wanted a zombies cake for himself!

I baked a 1/2 sheet chocolate cake, cutting part of it off and stacking it on top to make it look like a wall. I then iced it all together as one cake. I laid strips of fondant around the sides, top and front of the cake, painted in colored water. In every zombies level, there are a few things; A mystery box in which you receive a random weapon, a piece of meteor that reveals a secret song if you press “x,” a radio, a window to re-build the barrier, a chalk outline of a gun on the wall, words written in chalk on the wall, and of course, a zombie.

I made the zombie out of rice crispie treats and fondant. It actually was the hardest part because it involved sculpting and I am bad at that! I used a knife and made cracks in his face to look like cuts and painted it with darker grey than the rest of his face. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make legs and feet without it looking weird, so I decided to make him a crawler. Red food coloring was used to make the “blood.” I had to use wires to hold the hands and head up. It took at least 6 tries to make the zombie, he wasn’t looking very scary at first!! It does take time if you are trying this. My family actually were all sitting at the table trying to make zombies with me and see whose was the best, it was pretty hilarious!!

The mystery box is made up of rice crispie treats and fondant, carved with a knife to look like wood. Again, this was painted with food coloring and water.

Nazi Zombies is a game in which the player is holding up inside of a building fighting off zombies in endless waves until the player eventually loses. There is no winning, only surviving. Each wave of zombies is a new round that starts with 1 and goes to 100, but most people don’t make it past round 40. The round number is displayed at the bottom left hand side of the screen. The points you earn by killing zombies are displayed at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

I used the birthday boy’s age as the round number. The points were random, but the writing on the wall was changed to “Happy Birthday,” which was made by carving into the fondant slightly with a toothpick. The gun outline was also made like this. The planks of wood were made just like the mystery box, by rolling out fondant and cutting into it with a butter knife.  Red food coloring smears were added for effect.

All you need for this cake is fondant, cake mix, internet to look up screen shots of the game and motivation!