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Coolest Taylor Swift Birthday Cake

This Taylor Swift Birthday Cake was my very first fondant cake. My daughter is a huge Taylor Swift fan. I just became familiar with marshmallow fondant and have been using it to decorate sugar cookies. I decided to give it a try on a cake.

I saw a pink and white “music” cake on bakery website- that’s where I got this idea. It had electric guitars on it. Since Taylor plays acoustic, I made these acoustic cookies, covered them with fondant and sealed them in an air tight container. I also made the fondant flowers three days in advance and sealed them as well.

The cakes are 10,8 ad 6 inch white cakes with a buttercream crumb coat. Then I covered them with fondant and was amazed how easy it was! I added the pink stripes to the bottom, then painted the musical notes and other designs with black coloring gel and almond extract. It worked nicely. I stacked the cakes, used white butter cream and a size 12 tip to make the circle borders. Then I added the flowers and a framed picture of Taylor on top.

My daughter loved it! I feel it would work for Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers too. Just change up the colors and guitars. Maybe do stars instead of flowers, etc.

12 thoughts on “Coolest Taylor Swift Birthday Cake”

  1. I love this cake, it is so cool but did you know that Taylor Swift is my sister and she “hates” pink she likes it a little bit

  2. taylor swift rocks i am the biggest fan and so is my best friend. We know by heart all the songs .I love the cake. Again, she rocks!

    Biggest fan.

  3. Your cake looks wonderful, especially for your first one using fondant! I have not tried fondant yet but would love to, this one has given me inspiration! I was on here looking for a Jonas Brothers cake and I think it could work like you said! Great job!!


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