This Taylor Swift Birthday Cake was my very first fondant cake. My daughter is a huge Taylor Swift fan. I just became familiar with marshmallow fondant and have been using it to decorate sugar cookies. I decided to give it a try on a cake.

I saw a pink and white “music” cake on bakery website- that’s where I got this idea. It had electric guitars on it. Since Taylor plays acoustic, I made these acoustic cookies, covered them with fondant and sealed them in an air tight container. I also made the fondant flowers three days in advance and sealed them as well.

The cakes are 10,8 ad 6 inch white cakes with a buttercream crumb coat. Then I covered them with fondant and was amazed how easy it was! I added the pink stripes to the bottom, then painted the musical notes and other designs with black coloring gel and almond extract. It worked nicely. I stacked the cakes, used white butter cream and a size 12 tip to make the circle borders. Then I added the flowers and a framed picture of Taylor on top.

My daughter loved it! I feel it would work for Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers too. Just change up the colors and guitars. Maybe do stars instead of flowers, etc.