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Coolest Taylor Swift 10th Birthday Cake

My daughter LOVES Taylor Swift, so she wanted to have a Taylor Swift 10th Birthday Cake for her birthday.

I used the small and medium paisley shaped cake pan from Wilton for the “Tear drop” design, since ‘Tear Drops on My Guitar’ is her favorite song. I frosted the marble flavored cake with white and 2 shades of pink butter cream frosting (Taylor Swifts favorite color is pink).

For accents, I added butter cream roses and I made roll out sugar cookies in the shapes of dresses, guitars and musical notes. We decorated the dress cookies like my daughter’s favorite Taylor Swift dresses using butter cream frosting, sprinkles and edible glitter for a “shimmer” for the cookie dresses. The musical notes in black butter cream and the guitars to match the rest of the colors in the cake.

We topped the cake off with a picture of my daughter and Taylor Swift.Even though they have never met, I was able to take a picture of Taylor who met a friend of ours and put my daughter’s picture and Taylor’s together to make it look like they met.

She loved the cake and she said it was the coolest birthday cake she had ever had!

15 thoughts on “Coolest Taylor Swift 10th Birthday Cake”

  1. Great job – This cake shows the professional experience of this cake decorator. This is a winner in the cake decorating business!

  2. I thought it was a well composed design that was very well executed! It scores on the birthday persons wishes, and holding true to the theme in colors, dress designs, even the song title influence.Excellent work. I’d like to see more.

  3. This cake is to pretty to eat. You did a great job with the theme and carried it through to perfection. I especially like the added touch of putting her picture with Taylor Swift’s. It was the perfect touch to complete the cake.

  4. Heidi, you did a great job on the cake. You always come up with great ideas, and they always turn out great. I think you should make this a business.

  5. Wow, this is really cool – my daughter would so love this – can I place an order with you now for one in September?

  6. what a creative cake! Dresses,,, guitar ,,,notes what a great addition to the theme of Taylor Swift,,,, i really like the addition of the picture,I’m sure your daughter absolutely loved this cake. what a great mom! this will be a memory that she will always have with her of her 10th birthday.


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