I made these mini Halloween cupcakes in 4×1 1/4 inch cake pans. I got the pans off of the Wilton web site.

For the warewolf cakes I used brown frosting and a number 16 tip for the hair and just pulled it out a little bit. For his ears I used tip number 67 (leaf tip). For his teeth I used candy corn, then for his eyes and nose I used black frosting number 4 tip.

For the spider I frosted the cake black then used a number 4 tip for the outline, a number 3 tip for the spider web, and for the spider I used tip number 16. For his legs, tip number 2. First black legs number 2 tip, then go over them with white number 2 tip.

For the mummy cake I used tip number 47 with the flat part of the tip facing up. You just make different strips back and forth. Leave a small spot open for the eyes and use a number 4 and 2 tip.

For the pumpkin cake first frost the cake orange, then use a number 4 tip to outline and for the lines in then pumpkin. Then you can make a face any way you like.

For the bat cakes frost the cake white, use number 4 tip to out line, and a number 4 and 2 tip to make the bats.