Coolest Tequila Cake

I made this Tequila cake for a friend’s 45th birthday. The base is an 9-inch round cake covered in marshmallow fondant. For the bottle I took a 12-inch square cake and cut it into quarters. I stacked them 4 high for a 6-inch cube and then trimmed the sides of the top layer to slant inward. I made the bottle neck and top out of crisp rice treat.

The neck is a 1 1/2″ diameter tube about six inches long. I cut a hole in the center of the 3rd and 4th layers so the neck sits on the 2nd cake layer. The top is a 2″ diameter ball coated in chocolate. I shaped the lime and wedges out of crisp rice treat and covered them in green marshmallow fondant. The shot glasses are made from molten sugar cast in a silicone mold for ice shot glasses. I heated the sugar to hard crack stage and poured them into the mold. They set up quickly and popped right out of the mold. The label is printed on edible paper with food coloring ink.

Candy Shot Glasses