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Coolest The Cat in the Hat Cake

This Cat in the Hat Cake was by far one of the most fun cakes I’ve ever done! I started out by lightly tracing a 9×13 & 8″ round pan on a large piece of paper (9×13 for the hat and the 8″ for the head). I then hand sketched the hat outline on the 9×13 area of the paper and the head on the 8″ area of the paper. When I was done- I could clearly see how the cake was going to look and be formed before the cakes were even made.

I cut out the ‘cat’ forms and after the cakes were baked/cooled I laid the paper on top of the cakes and cut out the shapes. I used the extra pieces of the 9×13 cake to form the bow. I used an easy accent decorator to frost the red stripes on the hat first and then added the white.

I used a black tube of frosting to ‘draw’ the faces/ears on and black licorice strings for the whiskers. It was a long cake, so I put it on a piece of glass that sat on top of a light blue tissue paper covered cutting board (I bought a cheap 16×24 picture frame to get the piece of glass). I then used the black tube of frosting to draw the fish bowl and filled the fish in with a small tube of orange gel.

My daughter and all the guests could not stop smiling and commenting on how cute it was, everyone of all ages knows THE CAT! If you have the book, get it out and see how easy it is to ‘draw’ this cake!

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