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The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That… Birthday Cake!

My daughter Lilly was totally obsessed with the PBS Kids show “The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!” just before her second birthday in 2012.  I researched and found i could find plenty of decorations on the theme and decided to go with it. I had recently began making cakes for my children in stead of buying them at the big box retail stores.  I love the childrens’ reactions to the cakes their momma makes for them. Its creating a memory not just a party!  I dcided to attempt and original design using the cats’ hat!  I purchased the largest cake box i could find, a sheet of foam poster board, and some red metallic cello wrapping paper.  I then cut the board to fit hte box and wrapped it in the red metallic paper. I used a sheet cake pan and baked two cakes out of it.  I laid them side by side and cut and trimmed to fit the board, leavng aporx. and ich around the perimeter of the cake.  I ced the cake in white Wiltons tub icing tinted with aqua to match the teal in the cat in the hat book cover.  Then for the hat i baked using 4″ round cake pans and cut each cake in half.  I then arranged the cakes standing on end in layers and stuck straws through them down into the cake for stability, cutting the strwas flush at top.  For the brim i used a 8″ pan and cut it down to size.  I then used the reds and whites as in the cats hat and finished off with black decorators icing to mimic the drawings in the book and show!  EVERYONE LOVED IT!  I am so proud of this cake!  It could also be a great library type function cake or an event cake for a schools Dr. Suess Birthday party.  I hope you all enjoy this design!  * *To finish the cake off, I added some piping around the edges and printed the logo off on photo paper and attached to toohpick and inserted into the cake before cutting.

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