Coolest Thomas The Train Birthday Cake

I got this idea for a Homemade Thomas The Train Birthday Cake from another picture. I got a cake mix and put it in 2 nine inch cake pans, cutting the one in 1/2 and stacking it. I just made the different color frosting and started decorating. I had a choc cake so was easier to put a thin layer of white frosting over everything and let it harden before I started with the details so cake crumbs wouldn’t be everywhere.

For the grass I made a light green frosting and then got sugar and put green food coloring in it to make a darker green and sprinkled that over top of light green frosting. I used jelly beans for around the tunnel! I just bought a small train at Walmart. You don’t want a big train at all.

This is the first cake I ever decorated and was fairly easy with the help of my mom!

Homemade Thomas The Train Birthday Cake

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