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Homemade 3-Tier Toy Story Birthday Cake

I saw a similar Toy Story cake online and decided to make my own. All was made using store-bought items and easy to assemble. I purchased the mini Toy Story figurines at a Disney store and they served as my cake toppers.

The cake is a chocolate cake mix and the top two tieres are strawberry. THESE ARE BOX MIXES! I simply used the pound cake recipe on the box to make it denser. I used cake rounds for the bottom chocolate layer and glass bowls for the strawberry layers on the 2nd and 3rd tier (Bake at 350). The icing is vanilla and I added food coloring to the containers. Decorations were made using candy.

Base: After trimming two chocolate round cakes so they are even on all sides, I colored a jar and a half of vanilla icing with yellow food coloring and covered each chocolate round and stacked them on top each other to make the bottom layer. I put graham cracker cookies around the base to create a “wood fence” look.

2 Tier: The second tier I used a pyrex glass bowl and strawberry cake mix and covered it with vanilla icing tinted blue. Star sprinkles were added as well as a border of DOTS candy.

3rd Tier: This is also a strawberry cake cooked in a smaller pyrex glass bowl. I covered it with plain vanilla icing, then I created the cow spots using melted chocolate bark that was piped onto parchment and then allowed to cool and harden. Made perfect spots!

The figurines really set off this cake. Everyone in the family loved it, especially the kids.

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  1. This cake is soooo great. I usually do “scene” cakes instead of character cakes because they are so much easier. This is the best!! Thanks for sharing your ideas.


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