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Coolest Timmy Time Birthday Cake

I made this Timmy Time Birthday Cake for my son’s first birthday. He really likes to dance to a Timmy Time theme song so it wasn’t hard for me to decide how to make his birthday special.

First I made the a 2D background, very detailed, by coloring white sugar paste and molding it like a play-dough. I made a little barn, bushes, fences, trees but when it all dried it looked very untidy so after a few wasted hours I started all over again. I found another suitable picture of Timmy on the internet, re-sized it and printed a draft to make cut out shape.

I rolled sugar paste a little bit thicker and I decided to make background image with less details and in 3D. First I rolled the sky, then I shaped the hills, bush and the road, and at the end I made little wall with smaller bush. I shaped the bush using some of fondant tools I had and added little fruit shapes I had. I filled the center of the background with white rolled fondant to put a cake on it.

I didn’t want to use a regular sponge cake for ease of shaping, so I decided to make pear and raspberry cake. When cooled, it has a lovely texture, doesn’t crumble, it’s very moist so I thought it won’t be hard to shape. And it was great! I shaped the body and head in 2D, and then I added some of the cake to shape a head and mouth, and also I shaped the belly. I bought black icing and covered the head with it, made the nose holes and eyes.

For the body I just made butter cream and made fussy-look fur. I used black icing to shape the legs and ears. And the cake was a huge success! Everybody loved it and it was definitely worth the effort!

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