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Coolest Timmy Time 1st Birthday Cake

This Timmy Time 1st Birthday Cake was baked by myself and my sister for my nephew’s 1st birthday. He is a major fan of Timmy Time on ABC Kids in Australia. We found it really hard to find much over here to do with Timmy in the cake department so we took on the task of making it ourselves! We were very pleased with the outcome and my Nephew loved it!

The cake is a white chocolate mud cake. It was baked as a rectangle and then cut to a square. The left over was used for the small second tier and then both covered in a crumb coat and then white fondant.

Wilton paste colours were used to colour the fondant to make the spots and writing which were all cut out using cutters. Timmy the sheep was made with fondant and Tylo, as too was the number 1. We made Timmy the week before to ensure he was set hard!

Homemade Timmy Time 1st Birthday Cake

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Timmy Time 1st Birthday Cake”

  1. i love the fact that you have shared how u made your cake as i love timmy time and it also attracts my 5month baby. his birthdays not til September but i want to prepare well ahead so i know i want to do for his birthday and decision to make myself or order it.

    i think u both did an awesome job on the cake and perhaps you can give me a price on how much u would to make the cake for viewers who would love to buy one!!!

    tell me is everything edible on the cake??
    once again thanks for sharing

  2. Hi, Thanks for your lovely comments!!!
    We haven’t really made cakes for others besides friends and family so I really have no idea what we would charge to make one!! maybe around $120 considering the time and ingredients!
    Very flattered!
    To make the fleece it is just a heap of little balls of fondant rolled and then pressed onto the body! and yes everything is edible except a toothpick that was holding him on to the cake!!!


  3. Can you post how you made the timmy time figure i.e the cake tins you used.
    Thanks My grandson is 4 and I would like to have a go at making him one for his 5th birthday
    Keep up the great creative cakes


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