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Coolest Tinkerbells Disney Castle Cake

This Tinkerbells Disney Castle cake was a very basic cake that evolved by trying to make things work. I used shop brought packet mixes in two separate flavours, in chocolate and vanilla and cooked as per instructions in two different sized square cake pans. If I did it again, I would only use vanilla as the chocolate required extra work to cover.

I then covered the cakes in brightly coloured butter icing to match Tinkerbell. To get the turrets, I coated 4 standard design white wine glasses in icing and then added silver balls. (tip 1 – use dry hands when handling the silver balls as the silver rubs off, tip 2 – make the icing on the glasses quite thick or the balls fall off). I then topped the wine glasses with waffle cones coated in icing and coloured sugar (available from most supermarkets) and placed around cake.

I couldn’t secure the turrets in any other way with the cake size I had, hence the idea to use covered wine glasses. I placed marshmallows and lollies in each wine glass as a little surprise for the guests. I then positioned Tinkerbell on a marshmallow stool, decorated the edge to clean up my many errors and my 6yr old loved it.

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