Coolest Titanic Birthday Cake

This  Titanic birthday cake was made as rich fruit cakes but with gluten-free flour. It was made 3 months before the required date and “fed” once every two weeks with brandy. Then marzipaned and decorated.

This was made for the husband of a friend. He is a “Ttitanic” enthusiast and the model of the Titanic was made for us by a friend who is also an enthusiast and is very clever! It was made to scale and perfect in every detail (Andy would soon have pointed out even the most minor discrepancy as he is such an expert!) My husband made a glass case to house it once it had been removed from the cake and it now sits in pride of place on Andy’s mantlepiece! I inserted a photo of Andy in captains uniform on a small sugarpaste plaque. Again, it was made up from 4 x 12 inch square cakes giving an overall dimension of 24 inches square. It took three people to carry each of them!

I got great pleasure making this cake especially as it was received with so much delight! As you can see I love making cakes for friends and family.

I do hope this will help other people to get inspired to do their own designs. Happy baking everyone!!

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