Coolest Boat and Submarine Cake Photo Ideas

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I hope you enjoy this cake photo of our boat cake. We did Ronan’s birth announcements with a sailboat on the cover so I thought a sailboat cake for his first birthday would be fun. I couldn’t find what I had in mind so I took my rectangular cake pan and made a template out … Read more

A Titanic of a Cake

I made this Titanic cake for my friend’s 9-year-old son for his birthday. He has a fascination with the Titanic. The bottom is just a 9″X13″ yellow cake covered in blue butter cream frosting. For the ship, I made 2 batches of crispy rice treats and formed them into a pile to let them cool a little … Read more

Tom’s Titanic 8th Birthday Cake

Tom is a little gifted boy with an intense interest in the Titanic.  He is in my son’s class, so when we got the birthday invitation, it clearly stated the theme was the Titanic.  Tom’s mom said that he will have to settle for a cake with a picture of the Titanic on it.  Knowing … Read more

Coolest Ship Birthday Cake

I was so excited when I was asked to make this ship birthday cake. I’d never made anything like this before, this was for a young lady who works at my hairdressers who was leaving to work on a cruise ship. I made an A4 size cake in vanilla sponge. I had previously made some … Read more

Coolest Titanic Birthday Cake

Coolest Titanic Birthday Cake

This  Titanic birthday cake was made as rich fruit cakes but with gluten-free flour. It was made 3 months before the required date and “fed” once every two weeks with brandy. Then marzipaned and decorated. This was made for the husband of a friend. He is a “Ttitanic” enthusiast and the model of the Titanic was … Read more

Cool Nautical Ship Lost at Sea Cake

Cool Nautical Ship Lost at Sea Cake

I started this cool Nautical Ship lost at sea cake two weeks ahead of time making all of the accessories. I actually had two cakes to make a day apart due. I made my own fondant for the cake as usual, and the customer loved it. I hand painted all of the accessories, and for the captain’s wheel … Read more

Coolest Ship Cake

Fair Sky Ship Cake

This ship cake was made by me (July 09) for my mum’s family celebration. 50 years ago (1959) my mum and her family made the voyage from England to Australia to live. They came out here on a boat called the Fairsky, so using pictures of the Fairsky ship I made a cake that looked … Read more

Coolest Sailing Ship Birthday Cake

Homemade Sailing Ship Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Sailing Ship Birthday Cake for my grandson Miller, for his 9th birthday. The cake was made in a loaf tin, split and filled with jam and white chocolate buttercream, and crumb coated in vanilla buttercream, then fondant iced. I modeled the boy and birds in sugarpaste, also the sail. The mast … Read more

Coolest Ski Boat Cake

Homemade Ski Boat Cake

I made this ski boat cake out of a half sheet cake, cut it in half, glued it together with butter cream frosting and then shaped it. I used fondant pieces to make the boat details. The figurines were made out of dolls and arms reglued into the position they needed to be. Strings were … Read more

Coolest Riverboat Cake

Homemade Riverboat Cake

This Homemade Riverboat Cake was made for a retirement party, after the Barefoot Princess was sold to new owners. I did my best to make the cake look as much like the real boat as I could, and learned a lot from the process. I used three 9×13 inch cake pans, baked different flavors…chocolate, yellow … Read more

Coolest Boat and Submarine Cake Photo and Tips 1

This sailboat cake was for my son Owens second birthday. I copied it from a cake photo I saw in a magazine. I cut a square cake in half for the sails and the bottom and then a smaller triangle for the jib (front sail) I frosted it with shades of blue and named it … Read more

Coolest Boat and Submarine Cake Photo and Tips 2

The schooner base was vanilla cake baked in a silicone loaf pan with the two end pinched to a point using large metal bulldog clips. The sails are sugar cookie baked on a cookie sheet and cut to shape as soon as it is removed from the oven. The sails are held together to the … Read more