Coolest Tow Mater Cake

Well, three years in a row my son has requested a Cars cake. Mater was bound to make the list eventually. This was the year. I think I put more effort into this Tow Mater cake than any to date. It was the most challenging structurally I’ve done so far.

The truck body was carved from chocolate sheet cake. The base was yellow cake in a 16 inch round. The wheels were wooden and attached to dowel rods to support a rectangular cake board on which the body of the truck rested. Brown sugar and cinnamon made the sand on the ground. The panels and crane pieces were molded out of almond bark.

I cut patterns in foam board and poured the melted almond bark into the molds, then placed in the freezer until they hardened. these were then cemented together with more melted almond bark. I will say that it was much harder than I describe it. I broke several of the thinner pieces and had to remold them quite a few times.

Then the weight became a factor as the licorice strand was not enough to support the weight of the boom. You will notice I had to reinforce the whole crane with more licorice.

I also covered the almond bark side panels with marshmallow fondant. I wanted to create a rusted out affect to the blue. I may have over-done it. I also think that gravity was slowly having its effect on the finished cake. I think the front end of the truck was starting to sag some, and the mouth panel had definitely lowered itself a fair amount by the time the cake was finished.

Overall, I was pleased with the cake. It is not the favorite cake I’ve made, I tend to be kind of critical of my cakes, and see their imperfections. Each cake is a learning experience though, and I learned quite a few things this time around. Now I just have to wait and see what my other some wants for his 6th birthday.

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