I had a lot of fun doing this cake, my grandson is big on Toy Story. I looked everywhere for ideas on this theme cake, and after searching everywhere I could think of, this was the result I came up with.

The headboard was made of a sugar cookie dough, which I let bake 5 minutes longer, so it would be hard and durable. I made a loaf pan cake and cut about 2 1/2 inches to make the toy box and used the rest for the bed mattress. I used fondant for everything else. On the Toy Box I used floral wire to make the top of the Toy Box, and a small biscuit cutter to make the wheels.

I painted the spokes of the tires with the same paint that I used for the floor. I just brushed a very light brown frosting (very watery) to make the floor. If I would of had more time, I would of made the Toy Box top with cookie on the sides, and had it open (was looking for a shark to peek out of the toy box). I also would of drawn a line to make the floor more true to life. also, the ball is from a ball pan from Wilton.

The toys were purchased from a Disney outlet. My grandson could not keep his eyes off of the cake, that to me, was the biggest satisfaction.