Coolest Toy Story Birthday Cake

I had a lot of fun doing this cake, my grandson is big on Toy Story. I looked everywhere for ideas on this theme cake, and after searching everywhere I could think of, this was the result I came up with.

The headboard was made of a sugar cookie dough, which I let bake 5 minutes longer, so it would be hard and durable. I made a loaf pan cake and cut about 2 1/2 inches to make the toy box and used the rest for the bed mattress. I used fondant for everything else. On the Toy Box I used floral wire to make the top of the Toy Box, and a small biscuit cutter to make the wheels.

I painted the spokes of the tires with the same paint that I used for the floor. I just brushed a very light brown frosting (very watery) to make the floor. If I would of had more time, I would of made the Toy Box top with cookie on the sides, and had it open (was looking for a shark to peek out of the toy box). I also would of drawn a line to make the floor more true to life. also, the ball is from a ball pan from Wilton.

The toys were purchased from a Disney outlet. My grandson could not keep his eyes off of the cake, that to me, was the biggest satisfaction.

5 thoughts on “Coolest Toy Story Birthday Cake”

  1. I am looking for ideas for a Toy Story cake for my son’s 4th birthday, and I keep getting drawn to this one. Nicely Done. I have never worked with fondant, but I am intrigued. Can you tell me how long it took you to make this, and if there are any more details you could provide such as how much fondant was needed, that would be really helpful.

  2. i haven’t had much experience with fondant, either. but after I frosted the cake, so the fondant would stick, it took me about an hour to color the fondant, roll it out, and put the cake together. It use to take me 3-4 hours to finish a cake the old decorating way, this is so much faster, easier, and more rewarding. Good luck

  3. I found recipe for homemade fondant on Internet, and used that to make this cake. Although it does not look professional, it definitely served the purpose. Thanks for the tips!

  4. I made one for my son’s fifth birthday based on this. Thank you so much for the idea. I used a shortbread cookie recipe instead for the bed-the sugar cookie one I made first spread too much. It was a giant hit with him. I added a cowboy hat (red) on the bedspread and a twisted rug instead, but the globe, the same toy box (with Oreo wheels-ran out of time!) and frosting floor. I did the lines for the floor as you suggested to make it look like a wood floor, and it was amazing.


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