My son is in love with everything Toy Story. So for his 3rd birthday he wanted a Toy Story birthday party. I searched everywhere for a Toy Story themed cake, or cake pan, and nothing caught my eye or excited me. So I decided to make my own Toy Story Birthday Cake Design. I found this website and got some really great ideas for his cake. So thank you everyone for helping me make his birthday so memorable!

I used pre-made Milton white fondant that I colored myself, since I am no baker and this was my first big cake project. I also used boxed cake mixes and frosting, due to a time crunch and my lack of baking skills. The little figurines we had bought him for Christmas from Target and Walmart; they came in packs of 2 and 4. The bed is made out of cake in a loaf pan and the pillow is made from the cake we shaved off the top and covered in fondant. I made the hardwood floor out of fondant that I colored brown (which didn’t look brown at first, more like rose). Then I used a basting brush and the brown food coloring mixed with water and brushed the whole floor.

Since this was one of my first attempts at fondant it cracked in some spots, but with the coloring it made it look like real wood floors with knots and groves in it. Not bad for my first time and my whole family loved it!