Coolest Toy Story Birthday Cake Design

My son wanted the bed from Toy Story with all the characters so I just made a square cake and started my Toy Story Birthday Cake Design from there.

First I just made a simple square butter cake and carved it to a rectangle. I then covered the entire cake with blue marshmallow fondant which I had made form scratch.

Step 2 was to make the bed ends which I tried making from fondant but had no tylose so could not get them to harden so the bed ends just kept collapsing. I then came up with the idea to melt chocolate and use that. I had not had very good success with chocolate before so I drew bed ends onto baking paper and piped the melted chocolate onto that and put them in freezer (SUCCESS).

The figurines I had made during the week googling each character from Toy Story and then moulding them from the marshmallow fondant. BUZZ and WOODY are plastic that was too difficult to even think about doing. I then covered a cake board with laminate to make it look like the floor boards.

My son loved the cake and so did everyone else.

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