Coolest Toy Story Surprise Cake Design

This is the second cake I made for my son’s 3rd birthday party! I did the same things I did in the first cake, except this one is three times bigger! This is a 1/2 sheet and it’s marble with cheesecake filling. It was very delicious and the marshmallow fondant tasted great!!!

The main challenge with this homemade Toy Story surprise cake design was getting the fondant on the cake! Because the cake is so big, it was hard to get the fondant on the cake without it tearing. I must have tried about four times before getting it right. It was also hard to work with so much fondant. Getting it this deep blue was a challenge too.

It was hard work, but it was all worth it. No one could believe that I made this homemade Toy Story surprise cake design and neither could I. With lots of practice and patience, I got it done. And you can too! All you to do is make the fondant, make the gingerbread headboard in the oven with any gingerbread recipe, and buy the toys at the store. These were purchased at Walmart (they are not fondant). The stars are from a jar of sprinkles that are used for decorating cookies.

I had fun working on this cake, and my son had fun playing with it. It was a BIG cake for a BIG party for a BIG three year old! I hope you enjoy making your cake!

God bless.

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  1. My daughter turns 3 and I’m making this cake to be served at my big thanksgiving dinner for 40 people! Please help. How do I make the fondant? Can I buy ready-made? I think someone may have a marshm allergy. I love the bed and plan to use toy figures as well.

    Thank u!

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