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Coolest Tractor and Baler Cake

I started out just making the tractor from a form cake pan. My son’s first birthday party grew in size so needed something else. I received some inspiration from other cakes on this website. I added the baler; it was a two-layer round cake trimmed. I used a cupcake for the wheel. I also used the other cupcakes as hay bales (not pictured).

On the tractor, I forgot the exhaust on top, so free-handed one in at the last minute and added smoke to the cake board. I made the headlights and tail lights both red just to add some different color. This was not a “John Deere” party but any type of tractor would be easy to do the same way.

The Tractor and Baler Cake was a big hit with the family and friends.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Tractor and Baler Cake”

  1. Awesome job, It was good to look at and eat.
    You will be making all my birthday cakes for
    years to come.

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