Coolest Travel Trailer Retirement Cake

This Travel Trailer Retirement Cake I made for a friend-neighbor of my mother’s who was retiring. He was planning on spending a great deal of his retirement time at their travel trailer near my mom’s lake house. I had several ideas to start with but I kept going back to the idea of a 3D travel trailer resembling their actual trailer.

The original trailer was 30 feet long so I was not able to do an exact replica but this does a pretty good job of it. He was notorious for having lots of tools and “useful stuff” piled around the trailer.

I started with a 15 inch round cake pan with a chocolate cake mix for the base. I used a standard cake pan for the trailer. For the trailer I cut the cake in half first, then I trimmed one end to create the bottom half of the trailer. I used some foam board trimmed to the correct size to be the base of the front of the trailer. I used one of those cake support posts you can trim to the correct size as the “hitch” to hold the front up. I also used some of the extra cake to create the hump on the front of the trailer and the AC unit.

I used a chocolate butter cream icing for the ground, I have no clue what tip I used. The desk was created with a flower tip with different colored brown icing in the same bag. The siding on the trailer I used a large basket tip. The trim was just a standard round tip. The windows, satellite dish and door was made with fondant. The gravel driveway is granulated sugar. All the extra tools, beverages and fence were donated by a friend who stopped by a hobby store on her way to the party.

I had a lot of fun creating this cake and there was nothing left.


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