Coolest Semi Trailer Birthday Cake

My son requested a “10 wheeler” for his birthday cake so I made this Homemade Semi Trailer Birthday Cake. I baked a chocolate cake in a loaf tin and cut it to shape (see pic).

I raised the cake off the board with some blocks covered in tin foil, so that only the wheels of the cake would be touching the board. I thought the trailer bit of the truck would look good if a bit taller, so I sliced this part of the cake in half and filled the middle with whipped cream.

I prepared some white chocolate ganache to cover the cake, but had a lot of trouble with this, so only the trailer is covered with it. The front part of the truck is covered in blue fondant, and the back of the truck and the windows with white fondant.

I used the wafer sticks as smoke stacks, and these helped hide a few imperfections too. The wheels are mini chocolate biscuits, which were tricky to keep in position. The red brakes and orange indicators are smarties. I printed my son’s name on a piece of paper and covered this in contact to make the front license plate.

Finally I added some more colour with stripes of blue fondant along the trailer body. The birthday boy was thrilled with the cake and counted the wheels to confirm it was indeed a “10 wheeler”.

Homemade Semi Trailer Birthday Cake

Homemade Semi Trailer Birthday Cake

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