Coolest Tropical Oasis Cake

I made this Tropical Oasis Cake for me for my birthday. It was very easy to make anyone can do it. I baked a two layer ten inch and a two layer eight inch cake. If you have trouble with your cakes sticking, grease the pans with butter flavored crisco and spray with a non-stick spray. Also, let the cake cool in the pan for 10 minutes exactly then tip out onto whatever you will be using. I got that tip from my sister. She took a cake class. It works great.

I built the layers your typical way using a cake board and dowels. The icing is homemade buttercream colored with Wilton gel. Brown for the sand. I do not use cookies or brown sugar, it’s just my preference. The grass is done with the grass tip and the water is blue buttercream with Wilton blue sparkle gel over the top. The flowers are done with the rose tip with the star tip for the center. The palm tree is a Cream de Pirouloine cookie with silk leaves stuck down in the cream center. The same cookies were used to go along the waterfall.

TIP don’t put the cookies on untill you are ready to serve as they will get soggy. If you want the flowers to bea little stiffer so they will be easier to move try meringue. I love this cake and so did all of my family. HAPPY BAKING !!!

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