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Coolest Twilight Birthday Cake

My friend wanted to know if I would make her a homemade twilight birthday cake, being a fan I was so excited! I bought the plastic apple and ribbon. I used marshmallow fondant which you can find the recipe for on youtube. I love it, it gives you the clean look that fondant gives you but taste MUCH better!

The challenge I thought would be was the flower. I just made 3 larger tulip shaped petals and a much smaller one. I also made a ball. I put two of the bigger petals on the bottom and curled them around the ball I then added the last large one on top to hide the ball and kind of put the smaller on to the side. I then froze it for awhile. Then I added some color with a papertowel and the Wiltons coloring.

It came out better than I thought. I then added the rest of the shapes I made to the top and stretched the ribbon out on the bottom!

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  1. My daughters 11th slumber party is approaching and she wants a twilight cake. I will enjoy copying you. She doe snot want her teeth to turn black when eating the cake so the checkerboard with the marshmallow fondant (which she loves) is a great solution. Thanks for posting you did a great job!


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